How To Delete Cookies

Cookies are small text files on your computer, stored by websites to identify you (like your personal ID number) and to store your preferred settings and specific data. For example if you are looking at a weather report website you can change your default city. The change is usually stored via a cookie, so the next time you visit this website you will see instantly the city weather report you wanted to be your default. You can delete this option or replace it usually with a click or two. Continue reading

HDMI to Scart

Why and When To Use HDMI to Scart Converter?

All new digital TVs are equipped with HDMI ports, but I’m pretty sure not all of your entertainment devices are with HDMI video outputs (for example: Nintendo Wii).

If you’d like to connect your PlayStation 3 to your old TV via HDMI port you will need to use adapter.
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HDMI Splitter

What Is

3 hdmi splitters

HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) is audio+video port, capable of transmitting the best possible quality signals, with up to 10.2 Gbit/s (at 340 MHz).

It is widely used:

  • laptops
  • desktop computers
  • TVs – LCDs, Plasma
  • PlayStation 3 and other gaming platforms
  • DVD/blueray players
  • …even in mobile phones (mini hdmi port)

When to Use

If you would like to clone to multiple devices (4xTVs, for example), you will need to split the video and audio signal and pass them to all devices at the same time. That’s what hdmi splitters do – they clone as many times as you want, without loosing quality. There are many splitters – from one to 2, to 4, and even to 8! If you want to broadcast to 4 devices at once you can do it via this scheme:
splitter scheme

Where To Get

You can check online for the best price. Take a look for “hdmi splitter” in ebay or amazon. The range is from 9$ to 35$.